Sites for crossdreamers, crossdressers, girlfags, trans and queer

Sites for crossdreamers, crossdressers, girlfags, trans and queer
There are men who dream about being women and women who dream about being men, and who express this longing through fantasies and/or crossdressing. We call them crossdreamers.

Please note that the terms "autogynephilia" and "autoandrophilia" are both misleading and offensive. I am including them here, as I know people search for the terms when trying to understand what crossdreaming is all about.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hugging the Inner Woman

Here is a new blog from an Indian crossdreamer.

Jade writes:

"I have found that suppressing these fantasies does not work. I have tried it multiple times. I would be successful for a while, but after that the fantasies would re emerge with wild power.

Then I started reflecting about a different alternative of somehow integrating my feminine fantasies into my day to day life in a healthy way, without falling to any addictive habits. I happen to read an article which gave more fuel to this thought. To me, it was all instinctive. I felt that there is a way to integrate femininity into my male life in a healthy way. I started treating my "inner woman" as a symbolic representation of a few things that I was ignoring in my life. My feminine feelings are trying to tell me a message that I was ignoring till today."

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Transcend Movement, New Blog for Crossdreamers

There is a new blog for crossdreamers and "femiphiliacs" called the Transcend Movement.

Felix Conrad writes:
"If you’re wondering about the name of the site it came from the desire to transcend gender and transsexualism and femephilia and move forward with life. I got sick of spending my whole life steeped in debates about being transgender and worrying about it, fantasising about it, dreaming it, living it… I just wanted to understand what it meant, incorporate it in my being, and start a new life. We allow it to dominate the narrative of our lives; but it’s better to engage in an extended period of reflection, decide what it means to you that you are transgender, how you are going to change your life and behaviour because of it, and then go live an awesome life."
Felix Conrad distinguishes between crossdreaming and "femephilia" He gives the following explanation for why he believes two terms are needed:

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