For crossdreamers, crossdressers, girlfags and guydykes

For crossdreamers, crossdressers, girlfags and guydykes
There are men who dream about being women and women who dream about being men, and who express this longing through fantasies and/or crossdressing.

I have started a blog for and about men and women who live between the genders, called Crossdreamers. This portal is set up in support of that blog.

Please note that the terms "autogynephilia" and "autoandrophilia" are both misleading and offensive. I am including it here, as I know people search for the term when trying to understand what crossdreaming is all about.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Interesting debate between Zinnia and Third Way Trans

There is an interesting discussion on gender dysphoria, autogynephilia and transitioning between Zinnia and Third Way Trans over at tumblr.

Both Zinnia and Third Way Trans have blogs that  sometimes discuss crossdreaming.I have included both as relevant resources.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Musings from my Everyday Life

Take a look at Joanna Santos' blog Musings from my Everyday Life.
Franklin D. Roosevelt,
Photo from the blog

It contains a lot of interesting reflections on sex, gender and sexual orientation from a transgender perspective.

I truly appreciate Joanna's respect for the complexity of gender identity creation. She writes:

"In truth the combination of family history, sexual preference and gender identity is a deeply complex cocktail that would require in-depth analysis to unravel and by the time an individual reaches a therapist with an expressed desire for transition the only way towards contentment is to follow through."

More here!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Sandra Lopez' Reflections on Crossdressing and Crossdreaming

Take a look at Sandra Lopez' blog-post on crossdreaming and escapism, which contains a very interesting discussion of what this is all about!

Recently she also published a thought-provoking post on the relationship between crossdressing and the psychological body transfer illusion. It is a long post, but well worth the time.

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